Amirhossein Mirhosseini


I am a Ph.D. candidate of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan, advised by Professor Thomas Wenisch. I am a member of the Computer Engineering Lab (CELAB) and the center for Applications Driving Architectures (ADA) at the University of Michigan.


My research interests center on computer architecture with particular emphasis on data centers and cloud computing. Modern Online Data-Intensive (OLDI) applications comprise numerous distributed microservices that interact over high-performance datacenter networks. My research focuses on providing architecture and system support for microservices and minimizing communication, scheduling, and queueing overheads in these environments. In particular, I seek to address the Killer Microseconds, Tail at Scale, and data plane communication challenges in the microservices era.


My research has been supported by ARM and the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). My recent work on hardware-assisted scheduling for microservices has been featured in IEEE Spectrum.



I am currently a part-time research collaborator at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), working on programming models and language support for us-scale microservices.



December 2018: I will be the instructor for EECS 370 "Undergraduate Computer Architecture" in Winter 2019. The course covers ISA, processor design, pipelining, cache hierarchy, and virtual memory.